Tuesday, 8 May 2012

How to Create Assessment Opportunities to meet the needs of your learners...

There are a variety of different assessment methods that can be used, weather they are self or peer methods, here is an example:

Question and Answers: depending on the ability level of the group, the tutor has the flexibility to adapt the questions to meet the needs of the learners, for example a higher ability class could have questions and have to write their answers down, whilst a lower ability group could be done verbally so prompt can be used to help and support them. this is a formative assessment method.

Observation: is a good assessment method, especially if the learner doesn't have very good literacy skills. The tutor can actively see the learner demonstrating the skills they have learnt, this is inclusive because the learner doesn't need to be told they are being observed as this can add more pressure. This is a summerative assessment method.   

Cloze: are good for any ability level, they are a fun way to assess learners understanding of a subject as they are very inclusive as the answer should be stated at the bottom of the page so the learners can fit them in the correct space. This assessment method can be both summerative and formative depending on how it is used.

Exam: should be used with higher ability goods as they show individual achievement and are a good way to collect data. As they are standardised they tend not suit lower ability groups as their true potential may not come across on the test paper. This is a formative assessment method.  

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  1. A couple of minor confusions here Chloe:

    Exams are mostly used as a summative assessment method and generally only on accredited courses.

    Observation can be used summatively, however it is used by Tutors on an on-going basis, every single session too - therefore making it also a formative method.

    Although you have mentioned peer and self assessment in the introduction you have not spoken about these aspects further. These are addressed in another assignment so this does not prevent you having achieved the assessment crteria for this blog H3.